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Key words:  Molding machine,new plastic products,metal products,auto-body manufacturing; special vehicle modification,boat manufacture

Technical strength

Processing capacity

We have introduced more than 200 devices from Germany, Japan, Sweden, Taiwan and other countries and regions, including 76 five-axis machining centers and so on, 4 Auerbach five-axis deep hole drills from Germany, 10 Shaddick / Makino WEDM, 9 Hanba double-head spark machines, 14 Shaddick / Makino spark machines, 5 Hexagon three coordinates and 5 die spotting machines.





Our company also has 44 Haitian MA series 90T—4000T injection molding machines, 3 Aikeli injection molding machines, and ten Japanese steel electric injection molding machines in the precision injection workshops as well as magnetic template, mechanical arm, centralized feeding, TCOR and other high-precision facilities. Moreover, our 100,000-level dust-free workshop ensures full automatic production.